When I’m 64…?

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I am completely charmed by the song “When I’m Sixty-Four” written by Paul McCartney when he was 14.

I am quite a bit closer to being 64 now than when I first fell in love with this tune in my teen years.

When I first heard it, I liked this idea of a full yet simple life filled with family.

Recently I celebrated a birthday, one that some people consider a milestone.

For me, I celebrate in my own ways, ways that are very personal to me.

This year, I felt particularly close to my future self during birthday “season.”

What will I be like when I’m 64? Or 84?

And how will today’s choices shape that experience?

So, today, I’ll play this game publicly.

When I’m 64…

  • I am fit and active. I still do my regular workouts with weights and cardio in my living room for convenience.
  • I stretch or do yoga each day to keep those tendons flexible.
  • I write often, a little bit almost every day, even if only for my own eyes.
  • I volunteer or work part-time in a position where friendly playfulness is a part of the job.
  • I coach in my business almost full-time because I love to work.
  • I probably have no interest in gardening. I doubt I’ll have stopped feeling aversion to outside chores by then.
  • But I will also likely be surprised with the interests I’ve developed and the ones I’ve let go of. Maybe I do grow a green thumb — who knows?
  • I have a friend that I meet at least monthly for walks around the lake.
  • I live somewhere by a beautiful lake walking trail.
  • I wake early and watch the sunrise with my herbal tea on the patio.
  • I talk to my kids every week, even if only by text message or hologram. Ha!

When I made this list, I noticed that I didn’t think about material things but more about simple daily experiences.

I noticed my mind wanting to color in the outlines, wanting to be certain about what it’s like “there” based on what I am experiencing “here.” So human!

At 64, I want to be mentally engaged, physically peppy, and have authentic, connected social relationships.

I am open to what shifts in career and business.

And that information is good enough for me today.

It informs what I’d like to have as baseline habits.

And it creates a sense of freedom to let other things evolve as they may.

I think there is a lot of pressure these days to create a grand life, to get things “right.”

We do only live this human life once, as far as we know.

So, for me, it’s important that I like my life. I like who I am in my own company or the company of others, I like how I contribute to my community, and I appreciate the joys even when life events are sad or challenging.

What about you?

I invite you to write your own list of what you imagine life will be like when you are 64.

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Lisa Schwaller

Lisa Schwaller


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