Gratitude & Appreciation

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How do you experience the concept of “gratitude”?

What about “appreciation”?

Do they feel differently to you?

We are often encouraged to develop a gratitude practice. This might include starting the day with a gratitude list or ending with one, perhaps even in a journal.

This is an amazing idea.

And I have another one to suggest: Cultivate a walk-about-your-life appreciation practice.

When I work with people, they’ll sometimes say, “I know I should be grateful. But.”

The words “should” and “but” in their thinking are clues.

We talk about what gratitude means to them. Often the answer is laden with obligation and a sense of weightiness.

They do feel grateful for the good in their life, they really do, and there is a pressure for gratitude to outweigh their feelings of doubt, concern, worry, and sadness.

In my practice, personal and professional, I have developed the following loose working definitions:

I think gratitude is wonderful, really I do.

And I think that appreciation has a lot to offer people who are working through difficult situations — including difficult thinking patterns.

And I think appreciation as a practice is easier to weave into the day. Oh, I appreciate fun pencils and the way this keyboard feels under my fingers and the “clack, clack” sounds they make and sweet dog’s sigh of contentment after breakfast.

Yes, I am grateful for having all of those things, the computer and the companionship of sweet Bailey.

It’s just that appreciation feels super fun because appreciation is light and breezy.

This week, I invite you to practice appreciation. See if the lightness of it encourages you to do more of it without the “shoulds” and “buts.”

I appreciate that you took these minutes to read this article this week.

I appreciate having this place to share my thoughts in hopes it provides usefulness to you.

And I appreciate the idea of being connected to all of you through time and space.

Have a beautiful week!

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You really can have less stress & more fun...even while keeping your never-ending "to do" list. 💖

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Lisa Schwaller

You really can have less stress & more fun...even while keeping your never-ending "to do" list. 💖