Are People Getting Better?

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We have access to the wealth of human knowledge in a device that can fit in our jeans back pocket.

There’s more known about the human brain from multiple vectors, from neurology to psychology to nutrition.

Many people have access to amazing resources to help us be healthier. Smarter. Richer.

We have 1,000+ ways to be “better.”

Take meditation by way of specific example.

Most people I interact with have heard of meditation, know of the reported benefits, and many would agree that it’s “good” for people to meditate.

So much so that there is to-do list pressure around finding time to meditate for all the juicy benefits.

That conversation fired up my mind.

With all the helpful ways we can support our personal growth…

Are people getting “better”?

Couples therapy has long been a standard practice for struggling relationships.

Does therapy make relationships better?

My own industry, coaching, makes claims that life is better when you work with a coach.

People want to do “better” with their children than their parents did with them.

Managers want to be “better” than the people who managed them in the past.

People want to date people who are “better” for them than the last partner.

What does “better” even mean?

As I write this, the world is downshifting into the season of holidays and festivals.

The world is moving more into a time of now.

This is a good time to reflect on what “better” means for you, and whether you’d like to make changes in your life.

And I wonder whether this could be a season of seeing others for the better, on purpose.

Actively seeking the ways the people in your life are “better” as you might define that concept.

Can you recognize someone in your life for being more present.

More intelligent from the year’s experiences.

More confident from the rebounds.

Better equipped for their relationships.

How can you go into your holiday festivals looking for changes others have cultivated in themselves?

And can you declare those changes “beautiful”…perhaps even seeing them and their lives as “better”?

Your assignment is to turn this into a fun game.

Imagine that you think “Wow, they are really growing!” each time you enter a conversation this week.

What would happen for you when you assume everyone is getting “better”?

It’s possible that you might start to feel like your holidays are even better than you imagined, too.

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Stop overworking! I help professional people find work-life balance so you can have less stress & more fun.

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Lisa Schwaller

Lisa Schwaller

Stop overworking! I help professional people find work-life balance so you can have less stress & more fun.

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